Advanced Program


The Advanced Program option gives you the opportunity to learn Fundamental skills through the Super Advanced-level repertoire.  It includes and builds upon the Intermediate Program. In the Advanced Program, you’ll not only expand your knowledge into the Advanced and Super Advanced Apparatus realm, but you’ll also refine your understanding of the earlier repertoire taught in the Intermediate Program by seeing the connections of skills into the more advanced layers.

*Continuing Education Credits available (CEC’s) for Certified Pilates Teachers who choose to audit the lectures with no additional requirements.



The Advanced Program is 803 hours. This includes the Intermediate Program required hours as well as two moreLecture/Demonstration weekends and additional  practice, observation, class and teaching hours to anchor your knowledge and experience of the work.

The 803 hours of the Intermediate Program consist of:

  • 108 hrs Lecture/Demonstration (6 scheduled weekends; see descriptions of the 4 Intermediate Program lectures here and of the 2 additional Advanced Program lectures here
  • 150 hrs Self-Guided Practice
  • 100 hrs  Observation (up to 50% may be done online)
  • 250 hrs Practice Teaching
  • 75 hrs Group Apparatus Classes (up to 25% may be taken online)
  • 30 hrs PEL Lab Classes
  • 50 hrs Mat Classes (up to 50% may be taken online)
  • 10 hrs Anatomy Camp (this is the same as for the Intermediate Program)
  • 25 hrs Private Lessons (see breakdown below
  • 5 hrs Test Out
    • 4 Practical Exams (1 Mat/3 Apparatus) 
    • 1 Written Exams (Mat/Apparatus) 

The 108 hours of Lecture/Demonstration include the four Intermediate Program lecture weekends (72 hours) as well as  two scheduled Advanced Program Lecture/Demonstration weekends (36 hours) as described below:  

Weekend 5 – Refinement and Mastery
Review Intermediate repertoire on all apparatus with, and emphasis on, Teaching Skills/”Seeing”, Cueing and Partnering, Practice Teaching

Weekend 6 – Advanced/Super Advanced Apparatus Repertoire
Advanced/Super Advanced on all apparatus, Reformer, Wunda Chair, Electric Chair, Cadillac/Tower, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector



The 25 hours of specific Private Lessons required for the Advanced  Program are as follows:

10 Hours of Observed Practice (OP):

  • OP – Beg Mat
  • OP – Int Mat
  • OP – Beginning Reformer
  • OP – Beg Chair
  • OP – Beg Cadillac/Tower
  • OP – Int Reformer
  • OP – Int Wunda
  • OP – Int Cadillac/Tower
  • OP – Beg Periphery
  • OP – Int Periphery

5 Hours of Observed Teaching (OT):

  • OT – Mat Fund/Beg level client
  • OT – Mat Int/Adv level client
  • OT – Int Reformer
  • OT – Int Cadillac/Tower
  • OT – Beg/Int Chair

2 Hours of Practice Evaluations (PE):  

  • PE – Adv Mat
  • PE – Adv Reformer

8 Hours of Additional Privates that may be used to work on whatever you wish to help you refine your understanding, practice and/or teaching.



Lecture Series:
$5400 for the 6 weekends (108 hours)
$5200 if paid in full in advance
$60 (approximate cost)
$315 for all 5 workbooks
Private Lessons:
*Prices vary (discounts given)
Group Classes:
*Prices vary (discounts given)
Mat Classes:
*Prices vary (discounts given)
Anatomy Camp:
TBD – Approx $500
Test Out Fees:
$400 ($150 Mat, $250 Apparatus)

$6475 – $6675 (not including lessons and classes)

*Class and lesson prices vary depending on the type of class and experience level of the teacher. There are a limited number of work-study options available at both Studios.



TBD – Coming in 2023