Bridge Program


The Pilates Education Lab Bridge Program grew out of a desire of some of our Audit Students, who were trained through other training programs, to become graduates of our program.

Entrance Requirements

Prospective students must have graduated from a Comprehensive Teacher Training Program consisting of at least 450 hours, and must be approved for entrance by performance evaluation.

Required Hours

  • 108 Hours of Lecture/Demonstration
  • (includes Mat, Immersion and Apparatus Modules)

  • 25 Hours Mat Classes
  • 25 Hours Group Classes
  • 20 PEL Learning Lab Classes
  • 12 Hours of Private Sessions¬†
  • ¬†(Includes 6 hours of Observed Practice and 4 Hours of Observed Teaching and 2 Practice Evaluations)

  • 100 Hours of Self-led Practice
  • 10 Hours Anatomy Camp*
  • 30 Hours of Observation*
  • 4 Hours Practical/Performance Testing
  • 1-Hour Written Exam

Total of a minimum of 335 Hours

* Students entering the Bridge Program with 5 or more years of teaching experience can opt out of these requirements with approval.

Graduates of the Bridge Program
are eligible to apply for the Mentorship Program once they have been teaching a minimum of 5 years.